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Over the next few weeks, each of the Infinite Ink Authors will be giving an update about what they’ve been working on. When I first heard this, I had to laugh. We were amidst a move to a very unfinished house. The movers couldn’t find a single finished room to load boxes and furniture into and were threatening to charge us extra. Our general contractor and his team were frantically trying to finish painting the living room so that the movers could load everything in there, finally letting them with the instruction, “Don’t put anything against the walls since they are still wet.” This was only a week ago and not much has improved. We do finally have one clear couch to sit on, but I am still surrounded by unpacked boxes. The closets aren’t done, cabinets aren’t installed, there is no kitchen, the other rooms are in varying states of finish…so there is no place to unpack things into.
Despite the chaos, I’ve had a very exciting week. Seven months ago, I was approached by the Vice President of Development for the film production company, Pathbender and asked if I had already sold the film rights for the daynight series. And, if I hadn’t, would I be interested in working with them? I got an impromptu education on the business. While many rights are snapped up to keep in a portfolio—or even to keep a project from happening so the company could produce a competing project—Pathbender options books they would like to produce. They have a heavy young adult and science fiction bias, and the CEO and production team have produced a number of blockbusters. I started imagining this:
I was interested in a deal, but Pathbender didn’t immediately put anything on paper. Over the next several months, there were long periods of radio silence, followed by short periods of communication. Was I still interested? I’d say yes. Were they interested? They said that they thought they were but would like to read my books again to make sure. In early July, they told me they were ready to put something on paper. I received a contract and screened several entertainment lawyers before choosing one.
Once we had a signed contract, I asked if I would be able to share the information and was shocked when they offered to do a press release during Comic Con. The press release went out the Friday night of Comic Con, but with the plethora of announcements happening, it didn’t get picked up and put into print until 7/30. Here are my 15 minutes of fame at “The Wrap”:
There are no guarantees the movies will get made. But the Pathbender team is enthusiastic and will be spending the next 12+ months trying to pull in additional investors and expand the team to include Director, Screenwriter, etc. I will just have see where it all goes.
On other (non movie-related) fronts, daynight is included in the dystopian boxed set, What Tomorrow May Bring. The authors from the boxed set recently teamed up with two other dystopian boxed sets to do a weekend-long online scavenger hunt called The Hunt for Tomorrow. The winner got to choose a dystopian theme and character names, and, now, twenty authors involved in the hunt are busy writing a progressive story called “The Catastrophe Theory”—a chapter a day, each chapter written by a different author, is posted each day here: I contributed chapter eight. Fellow Infinite Inklings, Katie French and Shelbi Wescott are also involved.
My main focus for the rest of the year will be finishing book three in the daynight series, generate. I’ve been largely on a work hiatus for the last seven months due to a sick daughter/Money Pit house purchase/remodel said nightmare property/try to sell existing property which may or may not finally close today/move/live in chaos. Now that we are finally in and I have a good pair of earplugs to drown out the construction work, I’m getting back to it. Pathbender and my fans are pushing hard for me to release by the end of the year, if not much sooner. Of course, I’ve been interrupted more than a dozen times while trying to write this, so I may have to find an offsite oasis to get any significant writing done :).


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