The generate cover reveal and details on the design process is here.

Books by Megan Thomason

The daynight series reading order:

Book 1: daynight (available now)

Book 1.5: clean slate complex (available now)

Book 2: arbitrate (available now)

Book 3: generate (available now)




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  1. Amber

    I was just wondering if there is any date for generate. The first three were just so good.

  2. Amber

    Kids def come first, good luck with the house and good thing are worth the wait :)

  3. Jennifer

    I agree with Amber, good things are worth the wait! I normally hate fiction, but I downloaded daynight because it looked fascinating. I was so grateful I did–although my husband has hardly gotten a word out of me during my 3-day reading marathon of all 3 books. This series is well-written with just enough complexity to make it a gasp-worthy page-turner without cheesy fill-in parts or slow movement.

    I wish you and your family the best and am waiting with bated breath for generate!

  4. Brianna stone

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! Im freaking ecstatic that you FINALLY finished Generate! I started reading Daynight March 2014 and have been desperately waiting and constantly checking for updates on this 3rd book. I’ve told so many people to read this series that I will spend the day spreading the word that Generate is now published!!! One quick question… why only charge $2.99? After the blood sweat and tears I’d expect it to cost around least $10 plus I’d have paid anything to read the conclusion to one of my favorite book series. Congrats on the book! I’m so happy

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